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Female college students need pepper gun 

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

College students, especially female college students, need a pepper spray gun, or pepper spray of some other type for protection.

It’s a shame that our young daughters attending college these days can’t just go to class and study without worrying about being attacked, raped or worst while walking around college campus.

 Some good for nothing low life is lurking in the shadows waiting to do harm to a young innocent individual whos only interest is to further her dream of a college education to graduate and move on to a great career.  

They’re here at a college, happy to have been accepted and everything is going great, a dream come true. 

Some low life is just waiting to spoil her accomplishments now and for the future.

 Just imagine the truma of being attack and raped. Not something easy to get over  Not easy to get back to routine and may last for her entire life.

Perhaps a weapon of some sort could have prevented such a nasty thing from happening.  A fire arm perhaps.  probably not.   It’s not easy to shoot someone knowing you may kill them.

Pepper Spray is non lethal and very effective.