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Safe Measures For College Campus Crimes

Monday, July 18th, 2011

I am sure you have heard a lot about crime on college campuses that are getting quite prevalent. Gone are the days when school was safe. Even the elementary and high school public systems are included in this barrage of crimes taking place in the American society.

College campuses are experiencing rapes, which usually tend to be rapes committed by an acquaintance. A woman should always protect herself against such crimes, but most women do not because they trust the individual that they are dating. Avoid going out alone. Go out in group dates, if possible. A woman should also equip herself with self defense tools such as a mace pepper spray gun or the triple action mace for added protection.

The Triple Action Mace will give the female college student three times the protection. It contains a combination of OC Pepper, CN Tear Gas and a light seasoning of UV Marking Dye. The mace pepper spray gun sprays like an aerosol continually from any angle, even when it is held upside down. A woman can spray 7 blasts up to 25 feet.

College female students should be very careful to get to know their male companions well and try to stay in group situations as much as possible. Avoid areas that are deserted or deserted parking lots. Avoid drinking too much so that you can keep a clear head. The Journal of Studies done on alcohol consumption indicates that more than 70,000 students are victims of alcohol related date rapes and this is a startling statics that proves how important it is for students to take safety precautions.

Let someone know that you are going on a date, with whom, where and what time you plan to get back to your dorm. When walking around college campus after hours, walk in groups, in a well-lit area and in well-patrolled areas. Never walk alone if you do not have to and make sure that you or your other college companions have the proper self defense devices to give you added security.

Select one or more self defense tools such as pepper sprays, stun guns, or personal alarms. Be sure that you know how to use these tools and commit yourself to using them if you encounter a dangerous situation. You will enjoy more peace of mind if you own one or more of these devices. Recommend it to your college roommates and friends so that they too, can be fully equipped in lieu of any danger.

Always have your car keys handy when walking to your vehicle. In your dorms, make sure no one else has your keys and be careful who you let into your dorm. If a key is stolen, be sure to report it immediately and have the locks changed right away.

You may even want to take drastic safety measures by applying the Cyber Eye digital surveillance camera to be able to track things going on around you. You may not be able to use this in your dorm, but you can mount it in your car, if you own a vehicle. The Cyber Eye digital is able to detect the presence of an intruder, and then spring into action. It records the image of the intruder and saves it to memory, so you can recover it whenever you want.

Be sure to report any suspicious activity happening around your dorm to police on campus or to the local police department, if you do not live on campus.

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Female college students need pepper gun 

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

College students, especially female college students, need a pepper spray gun, or pepper spray of some other type for protection.

It’s a shame that our young daughters attending college these days can’t just go to class and study without worrying about being attacked, raped or worst while walking around college campus.

 Some good for nothing low life is lurking in the shadows waiting to do harm to a young innocent individual whos only interest is to further her dream of a college education to graduate and move on to a great career.  

They’re here at a college, happy to have been accepted and everything is going great, a dream come true. 

Some low life is just waiting to spoil her accomplishments now and for the future.

 Just imagine the truma of being attack and raped. Not something easy to get over  Not easy to get back to routine and may last for her entire life.

Perhaps a weapon of some sort could have prevented such a nasty thing from happening.  A fire arm perhaps.  probably not.   It’s not easy to shoot someone knowing you may kill them.

Pepper Spray is non lethal and very effective.