Self Defense Products – Types of Pepper Spray

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16 Responses to “Self Defense Products – Types of Pepper Spray”

  1. TheAndreiul says:

    What’s that pink …
    What’s that pink in the center pink box doing there? o.O

  2. PcGameHunter says:

    I was at a cafee …
    I was at a cafee eating some delicious cake, when some stupid old broad sprayed some in my eyes and said she was testing it, so i grabbed the table and hit her in the head and and said i am testing too, the laws of physics: Action-Reaction.

  3. grarosting says:

    man that guy is …
    man that guy is creepy

  4. dannycole2010 says:

    anyone wanna buy in …
    anyone wanna buy in the uk?

  5. tarealol says:

    roofl 😀
    roofl 😀

  6. AlienTechProductions says:


  7. videoman223 says:

    Thanks, now I know …
    Thanks, now I know how to spray in eyes,
    No, I’ll spray pepper spray at their feet.

  8. drowizy says:

    you can tell this …
    you can tell this guy is a wimp…

  9. supertommy33 says:

    @MrIIRAWR Whattttt! …
    @MrIIRAWR Whattttt!?!?!?! english? lol 🙂

  10. MrIIRAWR says:

    @supertommy33 …
    @supertommy33 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF there the Thurd D:<

  11. MrIIRAWR says:

    sixth 😀
    sixth 😀

  12. MegaWowfreak101 says:

    fifth ??????
    fifth ??????

  13. supertommy33 says:


  14. PeaceKeeper347 says:



  15. CallyBoh says:

    first… DAMN!!!!!
    first… DAMN!!!!!

  16. killdoser666 says:


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