Women’s Self Defense Pepper Spray

http://www.bestpepperspray.ws – Why do women need pepper spray? If women only knew what the statistics were, they would be running, not walking, to get a self defense pepper spray!

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2 Responses to “Women’s Self Defense Pepper Spray”

  1. BestPepperSpray says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your comment. You are absolutely correct that all women should carry personal protection.

    Stay Safe and Refuse To Be A Victim!

  2. b3llablu3 says:

    I don’t go anywhere …
    I don’t go anywhere without my pepper spray which is on my keychain. I also carry a stun gun/flashlight in my car just in case my car breaks down and someone who stops to help me isn’t really there to help. I feel strong and confident carrying these items. Every woman should carry personal protection.

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