Pepper Spray: How to Use the Right Way!

Kristin & David Demonstrate — Single Take!

David Nance is a personal safety expert with over 14 years experience in the personal and professional safety field. David created the SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program (CSAP) and the SABRE Law Enforcement Training Division. David has appeared on the History Channel, Spike TV, NRA Self Defense Video Series and

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25 Responses to “Pepper Spray: How to Use the Right Way!”

  1. Dino Spemoni says:

    I will stick with …
    I will stick with my glock.

  2. CrissyIcedTea says:

    He’s hot
    He’s hot

  3. ytemsg says:

    Jesus Christ is …
    Jesus Christ is God, this is the truth. In HIM was life, and that life was the light of all people. Get saved, ask JESUS CHRIST to save you !

  4. Hei Harakiri says:

    yes it may be a …
    yes it may be a tranny.

  5. AudiophileTubes says:

    Nice! Everyone …
    Nice! Everyone should carry this!


    …..Run?!……. …
    …..Run?!…….work his / her over while they are cryin’,gaggin’,snottin’ and gaspin’….

  7. adrian trinidad says:

    Chl. Game over
    Chl. Game over

  8. papabearskid says:

    BUY A GUN.
    BUY A GUN.

  9. papabearskid says:

    12 gauge 00 …
    12 gauge 00 buckshot.
    I put pepper spray on my food.

  10. Sulagna Mondal says:



  11. Handa3614 says:

    thumbs up if …
    thumbs up if RAJNIKANTH vs CID sends u HEYA xD

  12. LessLethalOptions says:

    You sir need a gun …
    You sir need a gun if you’ve been robbed 5 times.

  13. gohanlee22 says:

    i really need one.. …
    i really need one..ive been robbed 5 times already..smh

  14. thehotsixer says:

    No I wasn’t….
    No I wasn’t….

  15. kojinmalia says:

    He was kidding when …
    He was kidding when he said pop out, come on..

  16. devilbitch23 says:

    why would you be …
    why would you be concerned for the well-being of someone who is attacking you? if you’re being attacked, there is no mercy, no humanity. you go in for the kill, until you get an opportunity to escape, because if you don’t it very well could be you that’s dead.

  17. Rebecca Healey says:

    One thing to keep …
    One thing to keep in mind, the attacker may not always be a male. It slightly annoyed me that the woman only used the pronoun “he” when referring to “the attacker.” You can never let your guard down, just because you don’t see a man in sight.

  18. thehotsixer says:

    I agree its brutal, …
    I agree its brutal, but there are no other ways if a woman is unarmed and at the mercy of a stronger male attacker. I kick between the legs may not be effective, a thumb damaging the eye (doesn’t have to pop out) of even the toughest guy will stop him.

  19. luckofheirishlp says:

    yeah well if you …
    yeah well if you have ever been in hand to hand combat and you try to gouge the eye out because it’s either your life or his you probably wont be able to follow through with it. It’s gruesome. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do that to someone. There are other ways.

  20. Pastor Rick says:

    Too many people in …
    Too many people in general still do not understand just how viable Pepper Spray is for personal protection. Few understand how important a Pepper Spray class is for proper deployment technique and usage. Any form of personal protection requires some training to maximize the full potential of the product. I am proud to be part of the Sabre Team to share this knowledge with the masses. Regards, Pastor Rick. Google me at AllOhioCCW or reply to this post. BE SAFE!!!!

  21. mikalawnder says:

    wow really so what …
    wow really so what other defense items are you guys allow to use?

  22. TypicalBlondeChick says:

    Maybe give him a …
    Maybe give him a knee in the balls next time, I am a girl aswell, I take boxing classes. I understand in this case you couldn’t punch, but if ou do go for the jaw. Surprisingly thats yor weakest point! xxx

  23. Vernonu9 says:

    Almost daily …
    Almost daily conversation:
    Me: Hey wife, where’s your pepper spray?
    Wife: In my car
    *shake my head*

  24. thehotsixer says:

    I hope you are ok, …
    I hope you are ok, but if that happens again, and you dont have a weapon, push both thumbs into dirtbags eye sockets as hard as you can, pop the eyeballs out, you have to do whatever it takes and you cant show any mercy.

  25. vannilla53 says:

    awesome ending
    awesome ending

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