Why buy pepper spray for personal protection – Kimber PepperBlaster II – http://pepperblaster.com

Why give your loved one a PepperBlaster? Because you can’t always be by their side. Because you don’t like to worry. But the most important reason is because PepperBlaster works. PepperBlaster is the most advanced pepper technology, and will stop threats at a distance in a way old-school aerosol pepper sprays can’t match. PepperBlaster. Because you care.

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15 Responses to “Why buy pepper spray for personal protection – Kimber PepperBlaster II – http://pepperblaster.com”

  1. Brent376 says:

    @AndyRoddick969 I …
    @AndyRoddick969 I have been using this system since 2006.The first system was black without the grip. I have used PB2 since last year and I teach defensive classes. I have fired several and they work as advertised. They are much more dependable than an aerosol spray that is inconsistent in operation. Aerosols also almost always blow back on the user. This product eliminates the disadvantages and launches all of the liquid on the target. It saturates and saturates fast.

  2. AndyRoddick969 says:

    anyone have this …
    anyone have this product or used it? any comments on it for me? thanks!

  3. stevo642007 says:

    @Brent376 I have …
    @Brent376 I have been hit with it, its no Joke!!!

  4. stevo642007 says:

    @alteclansing3333 …
    @alteclansing3333 Oh they work, trust me on this. I carry 2 units. incase you come against more than 2 attackers.

  5. stevo642007 says:

    @rmcgov00leeuedu …
    @rmcgov00leeuedu the pepper gel used in the PB2 is nasty stuff. its thick, and sticky, the more you try to wipe it off, the deeper it goes into the skin, and burns like hell. I volunteered to test one of these things……….an experience I will never forget. but I do carry one now. very well made unit, will not leak. I bought a blackberry case with a belt clip that fits the PB2 perfectly.

  6. rmcgov00leeuedu says:

    @stevo642007 man, …
    @stevo642007 man, aint that the truth.

  7. alteclansing3333 says:

    they just arrived! …
    they just arrived! all 6 of them, man i cant wait to use it!! (just kidding)

  8. jamal03 says:

    @alteclansing3333 …
    @alteclansing3333 im so getting one!!

  9. alteclansing3333 says:

    that as just …
    that as just friggin convinced me, im buying 6, should be arriving in a few days time now

  10. sadieblooming says:

    What kind of world …
    What kind of world do we live in that we have worry about danger. If every single of us ban together and chase bad guys down on foot with pepper sprays, shovels and rocks they’ll probably just leave town…or just simply shrink down between a rock.

  11. sadieblooming says:

    We need to feel …
    We need to feel love for all things. But instead we become fearful when we see our fellow human get beat up. Fear of legal actions or fear of being harmed. This only empower bad guys. We need to bring back small town lifestyles.

  12. edelmaaan says:

    @BuildCon2001 …
    @BuildCon2001 Derpy derp derp

  13. stevo642007 says:

    @drdoowopp it wont …
    @drdoowopp it wont kill, but the person is going to wish he was dead for about 45 minutes.

  14. drdoowopp says:

    I like it better …
    I like it better than a pistol

  15. BuildCon2001 says:

    I GIVE YOU THIS, That is the “MOST STUPID” commercial I have EVER seen ! I GIVE YOU THAT.

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