NYPD Police Pepper Spray Occupy Wall Street Protesters (Anthony Balogna)

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The original slow motion video analysis of NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna mace deployment near Union Square on September 24, 2011 as relayed by and credited with strengthening the nascent movement by New York Times, CBS, UPI, The Guardian, Village Voice, and broadcast on MSNBC (citations: http://occupy.uslaw.com/post/11068650072/pepper-spray-video-strengthens-occupy-wall-streeet).

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26 Responses to “NYPD Police Pepper Spray Occupy Wall Street Protesters (Anthony Balogna)”

  1. HappyRaindrop123 says:

    This is crap! We …
    This is crap! We fought to be free of taxes and of Britain! So we came her with freedom, but now look where we’re at, we have to pay taxes and have no freedom! George washington would not like this,not at freeking all!)))):

  2. Laquasjah says:

    Nobody has the …
    Nobody has the right to pepper spray anyone. If the police have the right then so do the protesters. They should be able to mace the cops & get away with it if this is the land of so called “freedom”.

  3. Nman77777 says:

    occupy is a …
    occupy is a movement of dumb hipsters who are butthurt because they are unemployed. Police have the right to do this

  4. Nman77777 says:

    occupy is a …
    occupy is a movement of dumb hipsters who are butthurt because they are unemployed. Police have the right to do this

  5. DonxxSollozzo says:

    God damn, smartass …
    God damn, smartass hippies!

  6. ossyskate says:

    this was actually a …
    this was actually a very good video!

  7. UnicornChaos says:


  8. blunter1 says:

    I dont see the …
    I dont see the problem here

  9. everythingBLUE says:

    Don’t blame the …
    Don’t blame the police! Blame this Bologna hole.

  10. eric555z says:

    Exactly .. They …
    Exactly .. They were told.. for another thing .. Are they not disturbing the peace..? I guess as long as its not their peace ehat would be a No.. So then I say let them sit down or pitch tents in your front yard or yell outside your window all day…

  11. Wushuki says:

    Of course what you …
    Of course what you don’t see is that these protesters have been giving a 24 hour notice that pepper spray was going to be used if they didn’t clear out. They didn’t clear out, so they got sprayed. If you harass innocents with your hippie bullshit for months the police are eventually going to put an end to it. Is that really so hard for these freaks to understand?

  12. zterry says:

    Sadly, Americans …
    Sadly, Americans this week have come one step closer to being true brothers and sisters of the protesters in Tahrir Square. Like them, our own national leaders, who likely see their own personal wealth under threat from transparency and reform, are now making war upon us. guardian.co.uk

  13. hope1337 says:

    Haha those …
    Haha those had it coming.

  14. bunkerrr5 says:

    To become more …
    To become more aware of the degree of successful brainwashing of low-IQ people in America, just read the comments supporting this pepper spraying and other atrocities by the police. American people have to be the stupidest in the world, and the day-concentration camps called public schools continue to make them even stupider. I am ashamed to have to admit that I am American.

  15. SuckMyCommentary says:

    get what u deserve

    get what u deserve

  16. dffdfdfd100 says:

    black guy at 108 is …
    black guy at 108 is lookin fly

  17. frother says:

    There is …

    There is no constitutional guarantee of public order.

  18. thatrussianname says:

    @CryptWarrior69 …
    @CryptWarrior69 Really? What are you? A caveman. It’s 2011. Bashing somebody’s head with a baton doesn’t make the politics change. It just makes you look like a raving sociopath. Careful now, because you definitely sound like one. Nobody told you that you had to agree with their politics but let’s try to have a little more respect for each other at least on a human level. Or do you not understand that being as your a fan of primal behavior.

  19. c4gregjockca says:

    if they sprayed …
    if they sprayed jews, that isn’t so bad.

  20. bocheli9 says:

    I nominate PEPPER …
    I nominate PEPPER SPRAY for TIME magazine’s Person of the Year 2011

  21. CryptWarrior69 says:

    really just pepper …
    really just pepper spray? thats not enough for these hippie shits, bash in there skulls with batons

  22. oldi184 says:

    I …

    I did not ignored your points. These women were disturbing public order and needed to be calm down. Nothing bad happend to them but now they learned a lesson.

    No disturbing for public order.

  23. Manicmanuel says:

    …hippies …

    …hippies getting their favourite flavor… 🙂

  24. CPOCoastie says:


  25. dhbiza says:

    @TheMrFellinni I …
    @TheMrFellinni I see you are from Belgium…and to think my countrymen spilled their blood for you…..you’re welcome.

  26. Sang Galinis says:

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