Human Guinea Pigs – Chilli Pepper Spray

How much does Pepper Spray hurt? A lot. Stupid pigs

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25 Responses to “Human Guinea Pigs – Chilli Pepper Spray”

  1. gking407 says:

    2:30 is a memorable …
    2:30 is a memorable image

  2. Brent376 says:

    @TheArmyCadets …
    @TheArmyCadets First Defense MK 4 OC Spray. Its used by 3 out of 4 police departments and has a documented 87% effectiveness rating.

  3. sebbex85 says:

    why dont just throw …
    why dont just throw chilli in their faces? ^^)

  4. 94150082 says:

    the one in the …
    the one in the middle got hit more

  5. 94150082 says:

    MK4 3.0 oz. Duty …
    MK4 3.0 oz. Duty Pepper Spray

  6. Ry0Nyu says:

    Idiots… theyre …
    Idiots… theyre sucking :D!

  7. TheRugbyfullback says:

    i’m so subscribing
    i’m so subscribing

  8. Kisha870 says:

    isnt that the same …
    isnt that the same cop that sprayed ryan stock ?

  9. Delcaroll says:

    @Mii450 pure …
    @Mii450 pure capsaicin is between 15 and 16 million

  10. TheArmyCadets says:

    what brand is that?
    what brand is that?

  11. Mii450 says:

    1 and 2 million …
    1 and 2 million scovils? that sounds worse than pure capsaicin.

  12. ericsyutubeaccount says:

    @cmanasc123 …
    @cmanasc123 bitch

  13. cmanasc123 says:

    try the …
    try the same ground up and purposly put in ur eyes that…… thats what wee did in our video for our challnge book niggaz

  14. vacuumlover1 says:

    i have chili pepper …
    i have chili pepper spray called Cheta

  15. Mannerheim85 says:

    The pepper spray is …
    The pepper spray is made of pepper, NOT of chili pepper

  16. daddyj4 says:

    “oh Kirby you just …
    “oh Kirby you just made my day” 😀

  17. fredjustsucks says:


    On …

    On pepper spray, yes. On oc spray, no.

  18. elgransr says:

    Natives mexican …
    Natives mexican used to use this as an war weapon. As in Mexico chilli is pretty abundat in some regions they store some. And when someone was going to attack they made a fire and put all the pepers and some other plants here. Somehtin like 80% chillis and 20 other plants. The other plants to make smoke.

    It was the first “bomba lacrimogeno” I do not know what the name is in english. Is like pepper bomb.

    the only issue about this is that you need the air in you side if not this will not work.

  19. joshspontak says:

    nice crack at 2:25
    nice crack at 2:25

  20. seonidh says:

    would full fat milk …
    would full fat milk help

  21. NezianBelcyder says:

    fuck me should have …
    me should have got 3 hoses

  22. TheChris370 says:

    Smart guy who said …
    Smart guy who said : Don’t mess with the american cops. XD

  23. TheReclamation14 says:

    This guy is a …
    This guy is a warrior.

  24. Chuckjagermeister says:

    @Milkmaul20 Yes. …
    @Milkmaul20 Yes. The enzymes in tomatoes neutralize burning effects. Try it.

  25. Milkmaul20 says:

    @Chuckjagermeister …
    @Chuckjagermeister is that true?!

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