Pepper Gun Training

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his crew train to use new pepper pellet guns

Duration : 0:3:43

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25 Responses to “Pepper Gun Training”

  1. emokid43100 says:

    hey hey hey hey not …
    hey hey hey hey not every one is armed about 10% of people in colorado have a gun

  2. donutboy545 says:


    Holy …

    Holy crap it will look at more videos about to bitch.

  3. bigfatjohn120 says:

    Whats the point?? …
    Whats the point?? Noway pepperballs are dropping me if I am running away from jail time!!!!!

  4. judgenoose says:

    @ChanWinner unless …
    @ChanWinner unless there is no regulations for owning,carrying and deploying these weapons,these guys should spend more then one day before taking them home.this vid shows them showing up,doing some classroom and a little range time.then they are packing their trucks with their new toys.

  5. ChanWinner says:

    @judgenoose lol wow …
    @judgenoose lol wow very observant but also consider that it would be very boring if they recorded EVERY time they went there to practice 🙂 this was jus the FIRST time they went

  6. judgenoose says:

    @ChanWinner notice …
    @ChanWinner notice from the time they get there to the time they are loading thier new toys into the truck,they are wearing the same clothes.even if it was edited,its not more than a day.unless dog and his crew are such scrubs they were the same clothes for week.

  7. ChanWinner says:

    @stealthbeast i …
    @stealthbeast i agree with ur first statement but they dont only do bounties in colorado they do it in hawaii as well.. hawaii is a messed up place

  8. ChanWinner says:

    @judgenoose lol 2 …
    @judgenoose lol 2 mins the in video bud its called editing.


    Yeh, He has to buy …
    Yeh, He has to buy toy guns to hunt bad guys because he is a convicted felon!

  10. yellowej2 says:

    I would laugh my …
    I would laugh my off if the guns chopped one of the pepper balls!!!!

  11. paintslinger2009 says:

    ha my ak-47 …
    ha my ak-47 bt4combat paintball gun 15 rps will ripp u a new one iron sights work very well and i have a folding stock

  12. cangemi09 says:

    I knew beforehand …
    I knew beforehand that those guns looked a lot like paintball guns… Seriously though, is a dangerous criminal with an assault weapon going to be scared of someone with a “pepper ball” gun?


  13. Arctichayze18 says:

    pepper balls wont …
    pepper balls wont scare somebody using real bullets. i would love to see these rats come to oakland or san francisco were they shoot and kill REAL cops. they would disappear, camera crew and all.

  14. MrRik1000 says:

    @shaunL37 WRONG …
    @shaunL37 WRONG chrono’d at 320 I took one shot and it hurts like HELLLLL as you choke and cough your brains out-My brother got a gun that came chrono’d at 320fps from be safe now and I thought what you thought-but they got much hotter balls

  15. MrRik1000 says:

    @RonaldsSulcs No …
    @RonaldsSulcs No they say they are for their guns only but ,be safe now has 68 cal capsaicin balls called pepper rounds like mini golf balls for any and every ordinary paintball gun

  16. MrRik1000 says:

    @RonaldsSulcs You …
    @RonaldsSulcs You can get hotter pepper rounds that are REAL Capsaicin from be safe now -you can use theirs in any paintball gun and they ship’em to europe I think

  17. Richard19706 says:

    Dog has a big …
    Dog has a big house

  18. stealthbeast says:

    @chrisrom933 Hm. I …
    @chrisrom933 Hm. I never knew that.

    Still, my point stands. You don’t fight guns with pepperballs.

  19. chrisrom933 says:

    @stealthbeast dog …
    @stealthbeast dog cant get real guns because he was in jail

  20. nicobrunson says:

    @iinsane12345 lol, …
    @iinsane12345 lol, do that. or even better try some bomb balls 😀

  21. judgenoose says:

    @kcool65 its called …
    @kcool65 its called dog and his rat crew.

  22. kcool65 says:

    @judgenoose its …
    @judgenoose its called a time laps

  23. iinsane12345 says:

    I’m gonna sneak in …
    I’m gonna sneak in some pepper balls to a paintball place and off a lot of people

  24. sergio15000 says:

    this is legal in …
    this is legal in Brazil?

  25. BruteCommando says:

    Bunch of tattoes …
    Bunch of tattoes posing as a hard and scared of a paintball marker LOL
    These idiots while make someone blind by shooting them in the face i’m very sure.

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