Mace® Pepper Gun Commercial –

Mace Security International is proud to introduce a revolutionary self defense product, the new Mace® Pepper Gun™. The new Mace Pepper Gun is the most accurate defense pepper spray available. The super strength pepper spray formula is contained in a disposable cartridge that can be replaced when empty. The cartridge utilizes an advanced delivery system, Bag-In-A-Can™ technology, that allows you to spray a constant stream, reaching up to 25 feet, from any angle! The trigger activated LED light helps you to accurately aim the Pepper Gun in the dark and momentarily distracts the attacker. The self defense unit includes a 28 gram OC Pepper cartridge, a water test cartridge (practice makes perfect), and batteries for LED light operation. Please visit for more information.

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  1. MangumCitizensPatrol says:

    Its not a water gun …
    Its not a water gun my freind has one. You can put a water cartridge in it for practice

  2. ThePatrick6122 says:

    it’s a water gun
    it’s a water gun

  3. pbcms13 says:

    Actually that …
    Actually that pepper gun does not work with “full blooded mexicans”. They’re immuned and will ask for “Nachos and Sour cream” =]

  4. ozzy fan says:


  5. SunSunSuperFun says:

    Really? If you’ve …
    Really? If you’ve only got pepper spray / mace in this situation, you’re likely boned.  I’m a fan of carrying mace……and a firearm.

  6. ElectronicCircuits says:

    hahahahaaaaaa is …
    hahahahaaaaaa is this a toy???

  7. theasmc says:

    @thebulcat, this …
    @thebulcat, this gun is offered for $43.00 on I just purchased it, and I’am very satisfied.

  8. theasmc says:

    @Quasifonix, I love …
    @Quasifonix, I love my Mace Gun. It gives you piece-of-mind!

  9. theasmc says:

    I <3 my Mace Gun!!
    I <3 my Mace Gun!!

  10. mackzendo says:

    why would you use …
    why would you use this… i would just rather take out my hand gun and just shoot them.

  11. RAFAEL310773 says:

    are you kidding me? …
    are you kidding me? is this for real? led light for accuracy jajaja 25 feet with that! nice shoot, what if the other guy runs towards you jajajaj or better yet you miss the face the other two now they get your money and your virginity jajaja
    hey honey you get home ok?,
    no, you stupid you should come and pick me up from the dark alley jajajaja crap.
    get a gun…!

  12. PinaColada4645 says:

    If your walking …
    If your walking down a dark alley by yourself, your asking for it….

  13. Quasifonix says:

    I bought one of …
    I bought one of these and tested the water cartridge and it did shoot 25 feet just like they said. I still haven’t had a chance to test the pepper spray because no group of guys has tried to gang rape me in a dark alley yet. But when that day comes, I’ll be ready.

  14. Esteban Santiago says:

    justice is better …
    justice is better server from a hot barrel of a revolver

  15. tomfy1979 says:

    I think she did …
    I think she did great!!

  16. thatsit07 says:

    Sillly chicks can …
    Sillly chicks can be stupid at times and if someone asks them for help they just pull it out and shoot….

    Thats fucked

  17. nachoseg says:

    led illumination… …
    led illumination… are u kidding me? i thought it was a joke

  18. alteclansing3333 says:

    So i bought the …
    So i bought the kimber pepperblaster 2 instead, havent tested it though, and cant find any vids of ppl willing to test them, its 1 time use and kinda expensive, but not as expensive as this crap, im just disappointed, it looked so promising

  19. alteclansing3333 says:

    what a bullshit …
    what a bullshit product! i bought a few days ago and when i tested it justnow the water can shot out in a spray pattern, only reaching like 5 feet. I did have the spray nozzle on and reloaded it and made sure it was properly aligned but it still only shot only like 5 feet, there were many discharges meaning that the can still had a full amount in it. Later when i loaded the pepperspray cannister the spray nozzle was cracked in half (broken) and a had to use the one from the empty water cannister

  20. mcmuffinburger2 says:



  21. TheFiddlyfoo says:

    say hello to my …
    say hello to my pretty friend the Pink water gun from HELL…BOYAKAAAAA

  22. Wintermute01001 says:

    “You get home okay …
    “You get home okay?”

    Well the fact that she’s in your home kinda gives it away.

  23. jamrocx says: least they … least they could have made the stream a bit more impressive..maybe pump up the pressure a bit.As it is now it’s like a water gun.

    Also it seems the guy behind her would have grabbed her by the time she finished spraying them.

  24. haiyter says:

    yah, its dark, your …
    yah, its dark, your by yourself and you take the dark alley back home hoping you dont get raped. Very smart

  25. thebulcat says:

    its easy for you …
    its easy for you all to talk but when i was walking from school in a suny day near a police station and got attaked, got beat up, stolen cell phone, and it was 3 of us and he was alone wee tried to fight but he was so strong and got a knife so what shuld i do dont walk on streets in the midle of the day??!! i will buy this gun

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