Pepper Spray FOX 5.3 million SHU!!

Made a stupid decision to get pepper sprayed, boy did I regret it…

Duration : 0:5:2

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25 Responses to “Pepper Spray FOX 5.3 million SHU!!”

  1. JonGonZ718 says:

    @gangstarsonny nah …
    @gangstarsonny nah man i’ve gotten maced before loll its no fun

  2. gangstarsonny says:

    @JonGonZ718 It does …
    @JonGonZ718 It does 🙂 I thought I was the only one who knew that!

  3. JonGonZ718 says:

    ummm shouldve had a …
    ummm shouldve had a bucket of milk….that works the best

  4. mike3180350 says:

    oc is no joke …
    oc is no joke worst pain ever

  5. shedpunk says:

    Nice… Future …
    Nice… Future reference, more water will reactivate the spray. Use just enough to get the orange off. Air is the best medicine. Fans are great!

  6. acarter4242 says:

    I just took the …
    I just took the stream as well a few days ago. It was hell. Vid is up on my channel. Me and my friend both sprayed each other

  7. DeliriumSC says:

    You seemed to have …
    You seemed to have a pretty good friend filming you; granted he still maced you, but he seemed pretty concerned and set on helpin’ you out 🙂

  8. DeliriumSC says:

    I started tearing …
    I started tearing up a littler just watching :s

  9. EL3minutero says:

    @xXFl4meXx WOOOOWW. …
    @xXFl4meXx WOOOOWW…..I guess FOX wasn’t playing when they said 5.3 MILLION SHUs. That is an awesome weapon. Spraying a dumbass in a parking lot in self defense would make it even worse since parking lots generally don’t have ready-made buckets of water. Good alternative to using my .45. SOLD !! WHERE CAN I GET ONE?…LOL. Thank you for posting. Thank the guinea pig for testing it.

  10. cammyk02 says:

    How drunk where u …
    How drunk where u when u made that decission?

  11. TheMontroose says:

    iwould just frickin …
    iwould just frickin put my head in the bucket until i drown

  12. Ecaid says:

    Don’t open your …
    Don’t open your eyes? lol, ive been sprayed its like having hot shards of glass rubbed into your eyes. You physically cannot open your eyes. You can’t breath, and on top of that water does nothing but make it worse and spread it around. Oh and when it finally stops burning and you think its over. Guess what you ready for the worst shower of your life? As the burn comes back and then gets rinsed down your entire body to the sensitive area. Worst pain and day of my life.

  13. plix3r says:

    I understand your …
    I understand your pain. I got OCed a couple of weeks ago and it hurts like hell. The devil’s spit in the eyes.

  14. napalmonfire says:

    i just did that

    i just did that

  15. txplaystafreak says:

    @iBroKenOne LMAO …
    @iBroKenOne LMAO dude….stfu…id like u to put a vid up of YOU being sprayed by this shit…THEN we’ll see how much u talk

  16. iBroKenOne says:

    fucken bullshit… …
    fucken bullshit…ur sposed to keep ur eyes open and get sprayed in a Z patterrn….fucken pussy….ooooh…ahhh…..its hutrts……..YEA RITE U FUCKEN WIMP….THENAGAIN…WHITE BOYZ ARE FUGGEN PUSSIES……LOL

  17. Foresaker937 says:

    when you get …
    when you get sprayed, the best thing to do is to blink your eyes real fast, no matter how much it hurts. and water only reactivates the capsicum burn. this guy is a moron.

  18. espectaculardavidrcq says:

    Tiene que picar …
    Tiene que picar mucho!! Es bueno para echarle a uno a los ojos, si vas a pelear, y así no te estropeas la ropa, porque hay mariconas que se agarran a ti, y te destrozan la camisa, mientras tu le destrozas la cara!!!

  19. Greener262 says:

    1:47 is he a t-rex ?
    1:47 is he a t-rex ?

  20. ezycreazy says:

    so stupid…

    so stupid…

  21. 479Rod says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa and water is the 2nd worst thing to use afterwards!!! The worst thing? MORE pepper spray!!! LOL LOL LOL

  22. mairul34 says:

    He just got OWNED!!!
    He just got OWNED!!!

  23. XRoguePhantomX says:

    That’s possibly the …
    That’s possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen; and I’ve seen some pretty stupid things.

  24. REVAN2338 says:

    @donaldVEVO it …
    @donaldVEVO it means for the love of god don’t spray it or eat it, shu is a measurement of heat for example a Jalapeño Pepper is only like 2500, that peper spray is 5.3 million,

  25. crazydude207 says:

    I remember this was …
    I remember this was the worst part of my training. Runny nose, hard to breathe, you get off easily, you open your eyes and it goes away faster, DONT RUB OR YOU WILL BE CONTAMINATING YOUR HANDS AND OR OTHER OBJECTS.

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