Pepper Spray

Brian is a kid that hangs out at my house….So we thought it would be funny for him to see what it’s like to be sprayed with pepper spray…here it is…LOL!!!

Look everyone, Brian thought pepper spray wouldn’t work on him. I’m a former cop, been pepper sprayed and certified many of times, plus been through Marine Corps boot camp and an MP, been through the gas chamber(s) over an over, you can’t tell me I don’t know what I’m doing here. Now did Brian know what he was getting into… Besides, it was HIS camera that I used to tape this!! That’s the funny part!!!

Duration : 0:1:13

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25 Responses to “Pepper Spray”

  1. monkey505050 says:

    u fagget y didnt u …
    u fagget y didnt u give him some water getting pepper sprayed hurts u dumb dick

  2. Murkura says:

    I’ve had a can of …
    I’ve had a can of pepper spray for quite some time-now I can’t wait to use it!

  3. minimoo455 says:

    0:21 all i want is …
    0:21 all i want is a hug 🙁

  4. XiTeRmAnAToRiX says:

    the camera guy is …
    the camera guy is such a dick, but lol

  5. xjordanx232 says:

    douche bag lmao
    douche bag lmao

  6. gs3004me says:

    Just follow the …
    Just follow the giggle…

  7. cyaninternetdog says:

    Dit it work Brian?? …
    Dit it work Brian???? PMSL

  8. Yamasenshi says:

    @Mastah689 or 0:17 …
    @Mastah689 or 0:17 lol

  9. elcabrondouglas says:

    Read description …
    Read description you and stop being such a dicks

  10. thewhiteboysamurai says:

    Oh so pepper spray …
    Oh so pepper spray hurts? Sweet never would have known.

  11. HOPPERFZR says:

    i wanna punch that …
    i wanna punch that camera man right in the mouth ,fuckin idiot

  12. Blakeee2012 says:

    gimme friggin water …
    gimme friggin water man

  13. anamu7tram says:


  14. poonwoofer says:

    That hillbilly …
    That hillbilly laugh is something straight out of Deliverance. That kid’s head doesn’t look right. Inbred rednecks.

  15. andreiiori says:

    Ohh… …

    Ohh…Never knew that.Thanks for the info =D

  16. Zyphon400 says:

    @andreiiori it just …
    @andreiiori it just makes pain in your eyes, so they close involuntarily. you “don’t see” just because it’s hard to open the eyes. but if you force and open, the vision is normal.. but it burns xD it’s a fact, read about the Oleoresin Capsicum effects, no eye effects, just pain sensation

  17. andreiiori says:

    Never …

    Never experienced it,but I think what you see is like deforming or something…Or you simply can`t open your eyes

  18. Zyphon400 says:

    @andreiiori not …
    @andreiiori not blind man.. you simply can stand opening your eyes, but if you do… you will see, it doesn’t blind xD

  19. andreiiori says:


    Pepper spray is some kind of “Grafitti spray” that makes you cough and makes you blind for about 2-3 minutes.And you`ll have a hard time breathing D:

  20. lil613homie says:

    @Cs2bob do you know …
    @Cs2bob do you know anything how to fix my peper spray i dropped it in sum water n it wont spray anymore it does a bit but now far enough to shoot at sumone ?

  21. lil613homie says:

    Does any1 kno how …
    Does any1 kno how to fix a peper spray bottle with spray in it work again i dropped it in sum water n now it wont spray

  22. poisonok says:


  23. HaateU says:

    lol love the laugh …
    lol love the laugh in the background <3

  24. curry136 says:

    @Owlbearx2 yeah, …
    @Owlbearx2 yeah, its not that bad.

  25. Owlbearx2 says:

    @curry136 Do you …
    @curry136 Do you know what pepper spray contains and how it feels? pussy? hmm you should try it thinking your a bad ass, the effect blinds you for 10-15 mins terrible skin itch for 50- 60 mins causes you to bend over and cough real bad because it makes you choke,and hard to breath for 20 mins

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