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In Oregon, do you need a concealed weapons permit to carry a taser? What about pepper spray?

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

I have a creep in my neighborhood pepper spraying young women and beating the crap out of them. Was wondering if it legal for me to carry a taser (the one that shoots those rods out) in my car or purse?? And what about pepper spray? Do I need a concealed weapons permit?

No, not in state law. An absence of a law on something of that nature would generally constitute legal standing. However, Taser requires a background check to activate the product. Essentially, when you buy a taser, it’s an expensive paperweight and then you have to call and activate it, and taser will perform the check themselves.
As for pepper spray, it’s always a good idea, and I am mulling over the idea of carrying it as a less lethal alternative to my firearm. I recommend either FOX or Red Saber, but get the ones that use tear gas, UV dye, and a high oleoresin capsicum (OC) percentage. The package will give the percentage and an SHU score, which is the Scoville Heat Unit rank, it shows how hot the product is. Look up the scoville heat unit index for reference.
While less lethal alternatives are a great asset to have, they have their problems.
Tasers are equipped with a cartridge that contains one set of electrodes, if you missed, your only hope will be to dump the cartridge and get up close and personal with the bad guy and use it as a stun gun. The other problem is that tasers were designed for cops, who could deploy the electrodes, and drop the threat long enough to cuff him or her. Tasers aren’t stun guns and they cause loss of consciousness, they are used as pain compliance tools to disrupt the nervous system long enough to stop the immediate threat and cuff him. In a matter of seconds after the taser quits firing he will regain his mobility.
Pepper spray is better because it delivers fast acting results however it’s possible that It can cause a response from your body, for instance it could cause you to suffer the same effects by proximity.
Not to discourage you, by all means carry either or both, but getting a gun, learning how to use it and becoming proficient with it, then getting a license is a great idea. It’s my belief that everyone should carry one or all three of these things as situations differ.
Good luck.